Knowledge is having the right answer. Intelligence is asking the right question.

Postpeers Botsite is a software service that provides opportunities to big ‘Saas’ companies/organizations to generate leads with their conversational blogs.  Studies too have revealed that 83% of perspective clients first read company’s informative blog. Postpeers Botsite allows you to generate visitor profile leads and engagements to your existing blogs as well as turn the company blog into a conversation hub where all the users can have a live chat session with each other over the particular article, discussing its pros and cons. 


Every service oriented company does have a blog page of their own but the biggest problem faced by them is ‘User Engagement’. Their blog page does not contain any interesting & interactive widget that can assist the visitors about the different articles and help them out to resolve their curiosity by answering their questions in a decent manner. These problems make the visitor unhappy and he tends to visit other sites that can answer his questions about your company’s product and interact with him.

This is what is called “Dig your own Grave.” i.e. The visitor who could be converted into a potential lead just went away from your site to some other site like Quora to ask questions about your product itself.

Botsite – To the Rescue!

Postpeers Botsite is software designed solely for this purpose. Its main motive is user engagement, organizing a live chat group, an engaging chat with the visitors, and a Q&A session with them so that they do not get bored. The companies need not to handle their blog page manually, they just need to integrate our services and increase the traffic on their site.

Nowadays, a visitor visits your blog page, reads an article and is filled with curiosity & questions. He legitimately needs to cooperate with somebody who can respond to his inquiries identified with the specific article and can have a short talk about that article. If this stage of his curiosity is being fulfilled by anyone, the visitor will be highly satisfied as well as your rapid and interactive services will build a sense of trust with him and for sure he will not remain a visitor anymore, he would be converted into a ‘Potential Lead’.

Postpeers Botsite will not only provide you with its live chat feature but also refine every article on your blog page and develop certain questions with their answers that the visitors can ask while reading a particular article. This is being done using Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence and our searchbot will be one of the smartest. As soon as you will integrate this software on your company’s blog page you will surely see the results in the next 3 months and for sure the user engagement, as well as the traffic engagement on your site, will reach great heights.   

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