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64% of people would choose to message over picking up the phone or sending an email.

53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly.

The above lines prove that the focus of people out there is shifting towards the chatbot technology more than just receiving replies from humans. The disadvantage of having a human for customer service is that one individual cannot be available at each and every time of day. A visitor from any part of the world can visit the site at the strangest of the hours and the customers expect to get help how, when, and where they want. And because customers are the real influencers in the buying process, if you don’t get that first interaction, the 10th, or even the 100th right, you won’t build the credibility you need to turn a customer into a brand advocate. This proves the immediate need of a bot for every ‘SaaS’ company.

Postpeers Botsite some or the other way emerges as a Hero in such situations. We already mentioned the Live Chat feature which we are offering to service-based companies as well as to Digital Marketing agencies, but what now? Did you think we stop at this only? Do we have only live chat features to offer to the companies?

So, the answer is a big ‘NO’, my friend.  There is no stopping to Postpeers Botsite. Postpeers Botsite is in full rage to help out the company as well as the clients too in an exciting and interactive way. Conversational/Interactive Video Bot is the next thing that we will be taking out from our magic casket. This video bot will not just be a normal informative video rather than it will be a one to one conversational video where the users can get educated about the services being offered by us as well as they can ask questions to the video bot and accordingly they will get the replies too.

Not just a normal video!

The features that are being offered by our video bots are new, interesting, engaging as well as will help in decreasing the bounce rate as well.

  • To start with the live chat groups about which we have discussed in our earlier articles will be integrated into this video bot too and the users from any part of the world can have a live conversation on each article of the blog page.  (Take a look at the pic above)
  • Sometimes you need a notepad to note some important things instantly but in most of the video bots they don’t provide this feature but according to us it is very essential to have a separate section for a notepad so that the users can easily note down the important stuff and they do not need to switch tabs to do this.
  • Our Video Bot will ask to enter some details in the video itself and will provide you with tips, strategies, marketing fundamentals that you can follow to increase your product sales.
  • We will also help you by linking users to your company pages if they ask a query related to your domain and this will surely help in decreasing your bounce rate.
  • Lastly, there will be a video that will educate you all about the services we offer i.e. a short demo.


We rank the customers at the utmost value and they always come first in any case so the services that we are offering are being developed keeping the comfort of the user in mind. The Live Chat conversations, as well as the conversational video bot, will surely provide a rich user experience and an interactive session with the end user.