Postpeers Botsite – Gives an edge to Digital Marketing Companies.

During the summit of 2011, Gartner anticipated that by 2020, 85% of all customer interactions with a business wouldn’t involve humans.

Digital Marketing is not that different from traditional marketing, you’ve got a product that you need to sell, and you’re looking to ways to engage with customers to build brand awareness and at last “close” a sale.  The flexible and versatile nature of the business makes it more fascinating and interesting to study. There can be no definition for Digital Marketing because it can get outdated as it’s not dynamic. Digital Marketing is a field where one needs to be creative and think out of the box strategies for the betterment of the organization. Each and every big company contacts with a digital marketing agency to handle their marketing on a large scale.

Different Digital Marketing Companies offer various services like Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Content Writing, Email Marketing, Display Advertising, Analytics, etc. but the irony is that all most of these services require the inclusion of AI bots at some or the other level. For example – Facebook Messenger uses its conversational bot that replies within seconds. These programs run by artificial intelligence (AI) offer extraordinary open doors for upgrading customer service and different business viewpoints. Above all, they are accessible to companies of any size, which offers small businesses an opportunity to compete with established brands.

The season of cutting edge advancements and ‘advising robots’ is as of nowhere, so every business must begin utilizing their advantages as to not be left behind.

What Digital Marketing Companies lack.

DMCs get 46% more content writings and marketing work, as well as companies, have seen a 62% increase in answering the right questions and lead generation.

Digital marketing agencies/companies do provide many services like SMM, SEM, SEO, PPC, etc. in order to increase website traffic as well as user engagement.  Apart from these services the latest tech that helps in attracting & interacting with the website visitors is Live Chat through bots.  For Example: Suppose visitors come to your landing page and ask a question out of curiosity, but you are unable to help them or they have to wait for the response and that is it. That’s the end of the first impression with your website visitor. With the use of bots, there is a potential for more interactive engagement.  It can conduct live chats between many users from different parts of the world and also make the conversation more interesting will conduct a Q&A session with the users as well.  A bot allows businesses to connect with their customers. Studies reveal that very few industries are using chatbots and the ones that are using it do not have the live chats feature in them, they are just one to one conversation based chatbots.

In this way, in short, Digital Marketing Companies can incorporate the bot benefits additionally in their sack and can offer them to big service-oriented companies. 

Postpeers Botsite – At you Service!

Postpeers Botsite is a software service that provides opportunities to big ‘Saas’ companies/organizations to generate leads with their conversational blogs.  Studies too have revealed that 83% of prospective clients first read the company’s informative blog. Postpeers Botsite allows you to generate visitor profile leads and engagements to your existing blogs as well as turn the company blog into a conversation hub where all the users can have a live chat session with each other over the particular article, discussing its pros and cons.

Chatbots are taking over social media to a great extent and social media marketing is an important attribute of digital marketing, they can also provide these services along with SMM.

Are you a digital marketing company that wants to offer more than just content to your clients?

If yes, Postpeers Botsite is here to offer you the services which will help you to get more clients and provide more value to your existing clients by converting their blogs to Q&A and generate leads through our botsite tool.

How you’ll be benefited?

  • Add our tool to your client’s blog or website.
  • You get topic suggestions in the form of questions.
  • Your client and you, both get long term content solutions.
  • Special Discounted Pricing – You’ll be receiving a special demo and heavy discounted pricing if you are a DMC who wants to grow rapidly.


It’s an open call to all the DMCs to have a look at the services being offered by Postpeers Botsite and then decide whether you want to offer more to your clients or just remain to offer those services that are being offered by millions of other digital marketing companies. Remember Digital Marketing is always about doing something out of the box and including the botsite services is one of them.