Postpeers Botsite – Conversational Blogs which explains your product

Our intelligence is what makes us human and AI is an extension of that quality.

Postpeers Botsite is a software service that provides opportunities to big ‘Saas’ companies/organizations to generate leads with their conversational blogs.  Studies too have revealed that 83% of perspective clients first read company’s informative blog. Postpeers Botsite allows you to generate visitor profile leads and engagements to your existing blogs as well as turn the company blog into a conversation hub where all the users can have a live chat session with each other over the particular article, discussing its pros and cons. This software can be a ‘Genie to the Aladdin’ i.e. the motive of each and every company having their own blogs is to bring more & more traffic to their website through their informative blogs on different topics, but traffic engagement is not a simple task to achieve easily.  Here comes the role of the Genie , Postpeers Botsite fulfill all your wishes like Web Traffic, User Engagement, Live Conversation Hub,  Peer-Hosting, Q&A session with the user and the most important part  is that it provides the email-id of the users who actively take part in the conversation.

Did you engage with a potential client visiting your blog?

Many of yours answer would be a ‘NO’, not because your website is not generating enough traffic but because of the fact that your company blog does not have enough options to allow the visitor to interact with you and give you their email id. Nowadays everyone is becoming smart and to receive someone’s personal details is a hard deal to crack.  In order to convert a visitor into a potential customer you all need to have something in your bucket to contact him, it could be either his contact number or his email-id. Email Marketing is a trend nowadays and is one of the best traffic source also which can convert a user into a potential customer if done right.   

What Postpeers Botsite needs to offer?

Postpeers Botsite solves your above problem of not getting enough information about your visitors, i.e. if a visitor visits your blog and want to take part in the live chat conversation that is going on he needs to sign up with his email id to send a comment on it.

The Live Chat is so exciting feature that the visitor cannot resist using it and to engage more audience a Q&A session is also integrated using the concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  


Service Oriented Companies can easily learn how Conversational blogs help companies engage and understand their visitors to generate profiles.  Companies can easily get email leads of visitors through interactive information.