Google AdSense moves Postpeers Botsite towards advertising.

In 2015 earnings from the AdSense were $15 billion which represents about 23% of Google’s revenue.

Publishers receive 68% of revenue and Google 32%.

Google AdSense is an ad product from Google for distributors and bloggers to profit from blogging. The excellence of AdSense is the nature of the promotions it serves. It demonstrates promotions dependent on the setting of the article a pursuer is perusing (Contextual advertisements) or dependent on their own interest. Since Google is an ad organization, it centers on increasing the value of its sponsors and distributors. Google AdSense was propelled in March 2003. Google Acquired Applied Semantics to snatch the name AdSense in April 2003.

Benefits of using AdSense:

One of the main advantages of using AdSense is that it is a genuine ad program launched by Google itself.

An Advertiser pays Google AdSense to look for sites for related content and matter enabling explicit site guests to be lead to their publicized site. Google AdSense is an advertising tool that enables you to have an offshoot site interface for cash that is earned by per ad click. The advantage of facilitating an AdSense ad is that it provides the opportunity for both, the advertiser just as site guests and the site host as well.

  • Site Host benefits :
  •  Pay is earned per ad click.
  •  Offering an accommodating site connects for clients/site watchers.
  •  Expanding individual learning of internet advertising.
  • Advertiser’s Benefit:
  •  Increase in explicit content traffic/client   stream to site.
  •  Reasonable commercial technique.
  •  Provides vast knowledge in the field of advertising and media stuff.
  • Site Viewer Benefit:
  • Related connections for further help with data or related items.
  •  Proficient looking through assistance, time not squandered.
  •  Related advertisements help to visit different sites and build a network.

Postpeers Botsite move towards advertising!

Yes, Google AdSense is a great way to publish ads, earn from advertising, pay per click advertising, search engine marketing, etc. as well as it’s one of the most trusted ways also because everyone is a big fan including me of Google and its products & programs.

But did you ever think that you want to advertise your product in a different way? A way that is new in the market and acts as a treat to the eyes of the website or blog visitors.

Postpeers Botsite is here with the new and the latest way to market your product. Suppose you have a company in your mind where you want to advertise your product but the company is not willing to allow advertisements on its blog page. What we will do is that we’ll offer them our live chat bot services (go through our previous article) which they might need it for more website/blog traffic and in order to get email leads of the visitors through interactive information. Alongside that live chat group and conversations, we have integrated a different section for marketing as well. An advertiser can publish his advertisement here alongside with some of the details of it also (do have a look at the image above). Apart from these features, nowadays people are more interested in just seeing the products and their qualities so what we have done is that we have provided you with a stories section as well where you can add everything related to your product and will get a wider opportunity to express yourself. This is the way you can advertise your product to a larger audience and may convert them into potential customers. Each and every visitor who will interact in the live chat will see the advertisement and if your content is relatable to him he will surely visit your site and might buy your product also.

So, do have a look at the services being offered by searchbotsite and if you also have the curiosity of trying something new, collaborate with us.